Why Top Tier?

January 28, 2017

Having a good GPA is temporary. Eventually, it will simply become a fun fact or you may even forget it. Fortunately, experiencing the Top Tier Advantage will provide students with more than just a strong GPA. While it is important to get good grades to and test scores to lead to a great college and to eventually build your career around, Top Tier Learning has more to teach you than just what’s in the classroom.

Utilizing Top Tier Learning can boost your confidence. Sometimes, it can be intimidating to sit in a classroom and ask a question in front of the whole class. The judgmental eyes will all shift your way if the question isn’t intelligent or insightful enough for their liking. Students will find themselves sitting in the back completely lost yet not brave enough to raise their hand. By working alongside a fellow peer in a nonjudgmental and private setting, the intimidation will disappear and you will find yourself feeling confident in yourself and your ability to learn.

Our tutors also generate accountability and communication skills in their students. Often times, an agreement will be made between tutor and student that the student may need to read 20 pages a night in order to catch up in the subject matter. If the student doesn’t complete the task, they can have a conversation about why there was no time. From there, compromises can be made and the tutor can help the student remain on track toward success. Also, our tutors help build time management skills by offering extra study problems as an added time constraint in their week that needs to be managed. Students feel as though they can be honest with their tutor as he or she is a student just the same. Creating that trusting environment is important in holding the student accountable and making adjustments through communication based upon their needs in order to lead them to success.

Finally, experiencing the Top Tier Advantage can implement life-long skills. By working with bright and successful tutors, they can learn from them and their routines in order to better themselves. Students can learn the value of keeping an organized day planner or reading the paper in the mornings. Each student ultimately gains a role model to look up to and mimic in their lives. Developing habits like these can really benefit them in the long run and our tutors are anxious to impart these tokens of wisdom upon their students.

Top Tier Learning wants to help students achieve phenomenal grades, bring home impressive test scores, and be accepted into their dream schools. However, they also have the overarching goal of teaching students the lessons that transcend the classroom setting. As I noted earlier, eventually the GPA will be just a number. It is the work ethic and skillset you develop through education that will truly lead you to success, and that is exactly what Top Tier Learning is providing. Students leave our sessions with a chip on their shoulder to overcome anything…what we like to call their Top Tier Advantage.


Reed Kurtenbach