Why End-of-Year Tutoring is so Important

April 6, 2017

From the time your child starts middle school, springtime can mean long papers, big projects and final exams. If you think they may need help as the pressure mounts, you might want to consider getting them a Top Tier Learning tutor.

Our tutors are versatile and can help your child in a variety of ways. Tutors will work with them on a specific subject of struggle. Tutors will help them with time management and other study skills. Our tutors can also act as a liaison between the teacher and your child to solve problems that may affect any of their classes. Check out a section of an article titled, “Checklist: Signs Your Child Needs End-of-Year Tutoring” below to see if your child may need end-of-year tutoring with Top Tier Learning.

Consider a content tutor to help with a subject if:

  • One of your child’s teachers expresses concern about her progress or about what her final grade might be.
  • Your child got good grades on homework and projects in a certain class but hasn’t done well on tests.
  • Your child is keeping up with class discussions and projects in a class, but is having a hard time pulling the information together.
  • A particular teacher is covering material quickly, but your child could still use more practice and review after the class has moved on.
  • Your child has trouble getting help from a specific teacher because she’s not sure how to formulate her questions.

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Reed Kurtenbach