Ways To Keep Your Brain Healthy

July 15, 2017

Cognitive decline is normal as we get older. Stay on top of your brain health to reduce the amount of decline. Here are some ways to slow down the process.

  • Exercise your brain. One way to do so is to never stop learning. Harvard researchers think that mental exercises help to challenge your brain, which helps to maintain brain cells.

  • Use all your senses. Involving different parts of the brain help in memory formation and recall. For example, writing down a sentence you want to memorize, then reading it out loud helps you remember it.

  • Have confidence. Part of the cognitive decline is because we think it’s inevitable. Research shows that people who believe they will do poorly on a memory test performed poorly and are more prone to experience a decline. Believe in yourself and try to improve your memory skills.

  • Economize your memory. Write down notes or use an app to help you remember simple things like a schedule or a to do list. This allows us to apply more energy to memorizing the more important things.

  • Repetition. Repetition helps with memorizing and can be done through writing, speaking, or movement.

  • Avoid cramming. Repeat the material over long time intervals and space out repetition.

  • Making a mnemonic allows you to use different parts of your brain, which help with memorization. It organizes the material to easily remember it, and patterns give more meaning. 

Reed Kurtenbach