TPT: The Testing Mindset

October 24, 2017

Since Halloween is coming up, here is a scary story:

It’s test week, and the stress sets in more and more as you get closer to the defining moment of your life. You can hardly pay attention in class because you’re worried if you’ve studied enough for the test. Sleep is hard to come by as you have the recurring dream that you forget your calculator or leave your ID at home. It’s test day now, and you sweat through your shirt even though it’s almost winter. You walk into the testing room and all the smartest kids in school are there so you know you’re going to be the worst one in the room. Each section flies by, making you feel as though you barely made it. Just like that, it's all over, basically your life’s work spat out in a matter of hours.

Do not fear! Here at TTL we have tips to prevent this from happening!

How to master The Testing Mindset:

  • Pretend you are taking the real test every time you study: By the time you take the test, your brain will be comfortable
  • Have a friend/parent/teacher be a proctor when you are doing a full practice exam: This helps gets you acclimated to the testing environment
  • Come up with things that relax you during breaks: Sing a song, dance, whatever relieves the most stress for you
  • Give yourself less time than allowed when practicing: Though you know you’re purposefully doing it, your brain will still stress you out like it's the real test, and repeatedly doing this will improve your time management as well as keeping you from spending 5 minutes on picking between C or E

But most importantly, have confidence! You have been working towards this forever, and have prepared more than enough. Go out and do well on that test, and have a great Halloween!

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Reed Kurtenbach