TPT #5: Strategies to Improve Your ACT Score

June 6, 2017


· Answer questions as you read a passage. Once you arrive at a question, consider where it fits in what you just read.

· Only begin bubbling in answers to your scantron upon completion of a passage. This will save you approximately 20 seconds in comparison to answering a question and then bubbling.

· Author’s purpose questions are all about logic. When a question asks, “what would the passage lose if this is deleted,” you must consider the context of the underlined material and the literal meaning of it. There is no inferring on the ACT!



· When you can’t figure out the answer, plug in numbers! Especially on questions that give you multiple variables. Make up your own numbers to fit the question if necessary.

· Learn all the pertinent formulas and how to apply them! A list of formulas can be found here:



· As mentioned earlier, there is no inferring on the ACT! This means that all answers to reading questions are found within the passage. This is THE most important tip to success on the reading section. For every question, refer to the passage and try to locate a specific line number for the question. If the question talks about something, find where it is mentioned in the passage!

· Attempt the double passage (Passage A and Passage B) section at the end. Complete the other 3 passages before because they take less time (you want to maximize the amount of questions you get to).



· For passages dealing with experiments, skip the background information initially. When there is a question that asks for something not found in a table or graph, read the background information.

· In a conflicting viewpoints passage, underline the differences in each viewpoint. This will save you a ton of time searching for the answer.

· When a question refers to a figure, point and keep your finger at that figure! Additionally, while reading a question, point your finger to each step mentioned (if it’s an interpreting data question).


Giovanni Zinzi