TPT #4: Myths of the ACT/SAT

May 30, 2017

4 SAT/ACT Myths

1. It is more advantageous to take the SAT/ACT at a certain time of year

This myth is based on the misconception that the SAT/ACT are “curved” based on the performance of students. In reality, the SAT/ACT are scaled through the use of statistics (known as equating). This ensures relative score consistency from test to test.

2. All schools accept superscored results

Superscoring is when colleges accept results from multiple exam dates and base your composite score on your best performances per section. Some colleges accept superscored results, but most do not. To find out if your college accepts superscored results, visit their college admissions page.

3. It is more advantageous to take the SAT over the ACT for college admissions

Every college weighs the SAT and the ACT equally.

4. Some colleges accept only the _____ (SAT or ACT), but not both

Every public university accepts both the SAT and the ACT.





Giovanni Zinzi