Top 5 Ways to Prepare for an Exam

April 19, 2017

Preparing for an exam can feel like you’re pounding your head against a wall.

“Am I wasting my time?”

“Is this actually going to help me?”

“How do I memorize so much information?”

Some students utilize the overwhelming system I am sure we are all familiar with: cramming.  Shoving as much information into your brain in a short period of time hoping it doesn’t leak before you get the chance to regurgitate it onto your exam document.

Other students read the textbook over and over again assuming that they will retain the information if they stare at the page long enough.  This system is also flawed even though it may not be as obvious to see.

Studying for an exam can be a tough process full of anxiety and doubt.  Here are a few study tips to take advantage of and help ease the tension while studying for your next exam:

1.Understand the subject by reiterating the information in your own words:

It is easy to understand the information as your professor is eloquently speaking to the class.  Sometimes, it can be harder to repeat the information in your own words.  That’s a sign that you really don’t completely understand the subject matter yet and need to backtrack in order to give yourself a better studying foundation.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions:

Although it can be intimidating to ask questions, 99% of the time there is a quiet student in the room that has the same question as you.  Be brave!

3. Quiz yourself:

Make a practice test or find one from a friend and work the test without the answers to see what you need to improve on.  Flashcards work well too.  But be careful, there is a vicious cycle that can erupt when you forget the word, look at the definition and think “Oh! I knew that!”  If you had to look at the definition, you didn’t know it.

4. Set Study Goals:

Focus on achieving goals or you’ll feel like the process is never-ending.  Split it up into sections so the information doesn’t overwhelm you.

5. Take Breaks:

Don’t sit in the same spot and study for 8 hours straight!  Give your mind a break, take a walk, watch some Netflix, and return to your studies when you feel fresh and rejuvenated.  After a while, your brain gets tired and will quit retaining information as efficiently if you’re pushing it too hard.



Reed Kurtenbach