The Perspective Of A Top Tier Learning Parent: ACT from 18 to 30

June 29, 2017

Ayesha, a Top Tier Learning parent for the last 3 years, shares her experiences with our company. Her son is a current high school student in the Chicago Suburbs, with hopes of attending Indiana University.

Can you give us a recap of your time with Top Tier Learning?

“We were looking for a tutor, who was struggling with Math and Science. Everywhere I looked I either had to drop him off or the hourly fee was $100. We tried tutoring with someone else but it was $300 for two weeks. This was too expensive, and we were frustrated because we couldn’t find a solution that was easy to use and affordable.

I heard of Top Tier Learning through a community event, and I thought it was too good to be true. These tutors were great kids who had amazing grades. What I didn’t realize at the time was that the tutor, Reed, clicked in a way that went beyond tutoring. He was always accessible and on time, and was very reliable in goal-making. He even became a role model for my son and made special arrangements when my son had tennis practice.”

How is Top Tier Learning different than what you’ve used in the past?

The age of the tutors is an invaluable concept. While some are concerned that the tutors are high school students, I tell them that they click well with the student. They are readily available for feedback and are flexible in goals, which many tutoring centers and adult tutors are not.

How have you seen your student grown?

Apart from academically, my student has gained a lot of confidence. By knowing that lessons are coming up, he has been able to come up with questions that he felt uncomfortable asking in the classroom.

When my student started, he was at a 3.0 GPA and a 18 ACT. After Top Tier Learning, he was at a 3.6 and a 30 ACT.

What would you tell a parent considering Top Tier Learning?

I regularly recommend Top Tier Learning to any parents who are in the same boat I was. As a parent that has been through overpriced tutoring, I want to help ease others’ pains. I tell parents that this has changed the life of my student for a very affordable cost, and that it is a must try!


Reed Kurtenbach