The Key To Getting Your Free-Time back

November 29, 2017

So the semester is almost over, and it seems like you barely have enough time to breath. You’re always studying, at a club meeting, playing a sport, sleeping, or thinking about sleeping. After this seemingly endless semester, you’ve probably thought: “There has to be an easier way right?” Don’t worry there actually is, and it can be easy if you work at it.

No, I’m not going to say use your time better, be more focused, or schedule your whole life out. It’s simple: Just do things earlier.

You might’ve heard this before, but instead of getting an assignment that is due in a week and saying “Oh I have so much time,” just do it as soon as you can. This prevents you from having the problem of forgetting about it or the well-known inevitability of procrastination we all face sometime (as a college student, it still happens). But starting next semester, you can do this with all your classes. Instead of watching four hours of YouTube or Netflix on Syllabus week, start going over your textbook, review the notes from your first few days of class, even start that English novel you know you’re gonna hate reading.

While it may seem like you’re working way harder than you need to for the start of the semester, it will eventually pay off, so remember:

  • Be productive Syllabus Week!
  • The earlier the better!
  • Don’t overload yourself

Now, go enjoy that free time, and good luck on all of your finals!


Jacob Wilson