The 4 best FREE apps for SAT + ACT prep

July 18, 2017

Ever wonder what apps are must haves for standardized test prep? Are you looking to boost your score with minimal practice each day? Here are the five apps you need for standardized test prep:


Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an education company that produces lectures in the form of YouTube videos. For the new redesigned SAT, Khan Academy teamed up with the makers of the test, The College Board, to deliver FREE high-quality content to students around the world. Khan Academy has realistic full-length practice SATs, SAT specific math practice, SAT specific reading and writing practice, and SAT tips & strategies.  There is no better app for SAT prep than Khan Academy!The only thing that beats Khan Academy for SAT practice is a reliable peer tutor. If you’re looking to self-study for the SAT, or compliment tutoring with some consistent practice, Khan Academy has you covered. Find out more at


Daily Practice for the New SAT by The College Board

From the designers of the SAT comes a MUST HAVE app for SAT prep. When I was first preparing for the SAT, every morning I would do the “Question of The Day.” Within a month of consistent practice (and nothing else besides this app), I saw a score increase in comparison to my 1st SAT. Practice makes perfect, and for the best practice, make sure to download this app at


SAT and ACT Prep by Ready4

While these are two separate apps (SAT Prep by Ready4 and ACT Prep by Ready4), they are must haves for standardized test prep studying on the go. Ready4 has a repository of over 1000 SAT and ACT questions for your on-the-go studying needs. The best thing about these two apps? They come with an initial FREE SAT/ACT evaluation to pinpoint your weaknesses and give you a general feel of your current ability. In the past, I have had students improve their scores with just 10 minutes of practice on these apps a day! If you’re interested in a great mobile app, check out and


PrepUP: The New SAT and ACT Prep App

PrepUP is a relatively new standardized test prep app with a fun twist. With PrepUP you can challenge friends and students around the world in a head-to-head battle of wits, view practice tests, receive a different Question of the Day (from the app mentioned above), and receive in-depth answer explanations and personalized questions for you to target your weaknesses. If you want a fun way to study, download PrepUP at


Giovanni Zinzi