TPT #2: What to Do on Test Day

May 9, 2017

What to Do on Test Day

  1. Wear comfortable clothes. Wear something you find comfortable. One clothing tip would be to dress in layers, since temperature in testing rooms tends to be either too hot or too cold for students; peel down to a t-shirt if you get too warm, or put on that sweatshirt if you get too cold.
  2. Fuel your body and brain. Eat a healthy breakfast the morning of the ACT, and try to go light on the sugar. Get your normal dose of caffeine, if any, to help you power through the exam.
  3. Read something. Warm up your brain by reading the newspaper or something similar. Review some practice material.
  4. Arrive Early. Arrive at the test center by at least 7:45 am (Note: If you get there earlier than that, you may have to wait for the test proctor or proctors to finish setting up).
  5. Pack your bag. Don't forget any of the following: your ACT Admission Ticket, acceptible ID. two No. 2 pencils, a fresh eraser, a sharpener, a calculator with new batteries (and a back-up calculator, if you want one), a snack, and a bottle of water

Reed Kurtenbach