Scottsdale: June Branch of the Month!

July 2, 2017

Top Tier Learning is very proud to honor Trevor Short and his Scottsdale Arizona Branch as the June Branch of the Month! Read Trevor’s acknowledgment below:

The Scottsdale AZ branch is a relatively new branch, and it is already making a big impact in the community. Starting to work as a branch manager was a huge leap in my life, and something that I didn't even think I was 100% ready for. Despite my hesitations, I dove into my job head first. Following the training and phone calls with my superiors, and hiring a team of tutors I knew would be ready to connect with clients, I knew my first beast to tackle was marketing. TTL was an unknown business in my town and community and I intended to change that. The first thing I did was right after getting out of school, I would hastily drive over to the middle school near my high school, and stand in the parking lot with flyers. The hardest part was approaching some unsuspecting parent who didn't know me, finally after mustering up my courage I went to the line of cars ready to pick up their kids and worked my way down. I did this for a week. By this time, because of my efforts, I had already been contacted in request of lessons and had been putting together the appropriate tutors to cater to the client’s specific needs. Following my marketing campaign in the Mountainside Middle School parking lot, I moved to track meets. Showing up at track meets and cold approaching those who looked most kind, and least engaged in the event going on. To become a successful branch, it takes hard work and dedication, and one can talk about it and plan all they want, but until you step outside and start taking action, no progress will be made. If I had to chalk up my success with this branch down to one key element, I would say it was my ability to go up to parents I had never met before, befriend them, and then ask if they knew anyone that needs academic assistance, because I know a great company that could help: Top Tier Learning.


Reed Kurtenbach