New Faces at Top Tier Learning

October 11, 2017

As Top Tier Learning’s success continues, we have expanded not only externally with our many locations across the country, but internally as well! We are pleased to announce the hiring of 7 new directors at TTL, who will be managing various branches as well as working within our marketing, technology, and regional head departments. You can see these new members of the TTL team in the “About” page. Here are some things that these new employees had to say about themselves:

Karlin Humphrey

Hometown: Houston, Texas

College and Major: University of Texas at Austin, Management Information Systems

Hobbies: Playing Basketball, Coin Collecting, Computer Programming

Experience with tutoring: In high school, I had struggled with AP calculus, and because I played varsity basketball, I traveled a lot which made it difficult to get the help that I needed. Luckily my coach found out that our team trainer was taking Calculus as well, so before every practice and game I studied with her about an hour. Getting help from her not only improved my grade dramatically, but also made me realize how having another person to guide you when learning difficult subjects is way easier and efficient.

Why I chose TTL: I chose to join TTL because I believe in the awesome people within the organization as well as the direction where we are headed.

My mission here at TTL is to help bring awareness towards the benefits of tutoring which is a quicker way to grasp tough concepts, a higher rate of retaining information the correct way, and a much more enjoyable way to learn.


Derek Cheung

Hometown: Frisco, Texas

College and Major: University of Texas at Austin, Business Honors

Hobbies: Poker, Smash Bros., Basketball

Experience with tutoring: In high school, as part of our Science Olympiad team's volunteering efforts, I tutored other students in subjects such as Chemistry and Algebra.

Why I chose TTL: I chose TTL because of the impact the organization has on communities across the nation.

My mission at TTL is to extend TTL's community outreach so that more students can gain access to the help they need and deserve.


Jonathan Granier

Hometown: Plano, Texas

College and Major: University of Texas at Austin, Computer Science

Hobbies: Playing golf, watching movies, and volunteer work

Experience with tutoring: While applying to colleges, I worked closely with a tutor to help me brainstorm ideas and revises papers for the endless essay topics and scholarship prompts. I had never been the best writer in my class, so having someone sit next to me and help me expand my own thoughts was extremely helpful. I not only know that the guidance helped me develop a well written paper, but I also felt like a better writer after my writing style was analyzed and critiqued.

Why I chose TTL: I was impressed by the amount of growth and potential I see in TTL, and I really want to help students enhance their learning experience.

My mission at TTL as a Director of Technology, is to help solve any tech problems that arise at TTL. I would also like to contribute to making the user experience more seamless.


Johans Ballestar

Hometown: Austin, Texas

College and Major: University of Texas at Austin, Finance

Hobbies: Fitness, Nutrition, Traveling

Experience with tutoring: In high-school I did peer-to-peer tutoring for math and physics. It was a very enriching experience to be able to help students with classes I struggled with myself, and to be able to make their learning experience that much more enjoyable.

Why I chose TTL: I chose to join TTL to be able to work with a group of smart individuals who are driven to make a positive impact on the world through effective and affordable peer-to-peer tutoring.

My mission at TTL is to help expand the brand and build awareness of our service to make affordable tutoring more accessible to students internationally.


Ravi Addaguduru

Hometown: Frisco, Texas

College and Major: University of Texas at Austin, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Hobbies: Writing Poetry, Fitness, Cyber Security

Experience with tutoring: In high school, I was having trouble with managing my time with wrestling and chemistry as a sophomore, so either in the mornings or sometimes even when practice was supposed to occur, I went to get help from my chemistry teacher. The one-on-one time with my teacher allowed me to better understand different concepts much faster than when I was alone.

Why I chose TTL: I chose to join TTL because I agree with the idea that everyone could use extra help in academics and I thought TTL was a great platform to spread the help throughout.

My mission here at TTL is to help the company progress technologically to increase growth and expansion of the business as well as to increase the number of high-school students tutored with Top Tier Learning.


Jacob Wilson

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

College and Major: University of Texas at Austin, Undergraduate studies

Hobbies: Searching for new jazz music, drum corps, and football

Experience with tutoring: Prior to high school, math was always a breeze to me and I had expected the same success in high school. I hadn't considered the fact that struggling with the summer assignment for my Honors Algebra 2 class may translate to increased problems during the school year. After failing several assignments, I buckled down and decided to ask a friend who was doing better in the class for help. After he was able to explain what the problem was, I began to understand everything, and eventually Algebra 2 became my best class.

Why I chose TTL: Something that always fascinates me about society are problems that people never think of solving. Top Tier Learning has taken a new approach to tutoring by getting rid of the traditional teacher-student dynamic as the only way to learn, something I can fully support in light of my tutoring experiences.

My mission here at TTL is to get the company to a broader audience and to help students see that they can achieve their goals with the help of someone who went through the same things that they are going through.


Corey Barker

Hometown: Naperville, IL

College and Major: University of Texas at Austin, Civil Engineering

Hobbies: Lacrosse, Soccer, Architecture

Experience with tutoring: In high school, I would always have study groups with friends along with tutoring people one-on-one. The combination of both is what allows students to succeed academically.

Why I chose TTL: I chose to join TTL because I already enjoyed helping my friends through tutoring, so I decided to expand to others and to be a part of something bigger.

My mission is to help TTL transition from a start-up company, to becoming a leader in its industry.