Is the ACT Easier Than the SAT?

August 22, 2017

This is a common question that I have gotten in the past. Before the SAT changed, the ACT was considered to be easier than the SAT. In 2014 there were nearly double the number of perfect scores on the ACT in comparison to the SAT. Additionally, the amount of people taking the ACT was rising year over year while the amount of people taking the SAT was falling. This is the main reason that The College Board changed the SAT. Now, with the change, the tests are equal in difficulty. No test is “harder” or “easier” than the other (in general). However, a test can be relatively harder or easier. For example: If you are strong at math, the SAT is better for you (50% of your score on the SAT is based on your math performance in comparison to 25% on the ACT).


Giovanni Zinzi