Starting Out As A Tutor

November 28, 2017

So, you're looking to get into the tutoring industry? Great choice! For most people, choosing to start a career is the easy part. The hardest part comes next: deciding how to start. Top Tier Learning would like to present your our recommendations on how to become a tutor!

According to global business intelligence leader, IBISWorld market research, joining a physical tutoring company such is much more profitable than becoming an independent, online tutor.

The Facts:

  • Till 2022, more consumers will desire on-demand tutoring at various locations.
  • The Tutoring industry is highly fragmented with a low level of market share concentration.
  • The tutoring and exam preparation sector contains a large number of owner-operators that compete with a number of large franchise groups with thousands of establishments under their company’s banner.

       Additionally, IBISWorld identified key factors to success in this industry:

  •     Understanding government policies and their implications
  •     Having a high prior success rate for former students
  •     Having a high profile in the market
  •     Having a good reputation

Here’s What This Means For You:

  • Reputation and quality are key competitive factors for operators in this industry.
  • Quality is particularly important for students seeking specific results from their training, such as students undertaking preparation courses for standard examinations.
  • If you start out independently online and in-person, it will take you a couple years to build satisfied customers and rely on word-of-mouth or online recommendations to grow your customer base.
  • Additionally, it’s quite hard to build a personal brand of tutoring in your local area, much less one that expands beyond your immediate community outreach.
  • Thus, tutoring companies with an established brand, reputation, and assurance of quality, can accelerate the career of an individual tutor must faster than the “freelance path.”

So, with this in mind, which tutoring company should you join?

Our honest recommendation would be Top Tier Learning. You see, Top Tier Learningoffers high margins and minimal effort. We have a highly qualified team working everyday to improve our prestigious reputation and insure quality to our customers. Tutors under our care don’t have to worry about financials and marketing, allowing them to use our lesson plans to maximize customer care and drive retention!

If you would like to join our team, please reach out to with your resume. We’d love to take your tutoring career to the next level!


Derek Cheung