Four Fast Tips for College Interviews

July 27, 2017

 1.     Be yourself

This is the most important thing to keep in mind. During a college interview, you don’t want to make up a story or lie. You want to be yourself and project your answers in an honest and unique fashion. If a college interview goes poorly because the school doesn’t appreciate your honest answers, then that college is not the right fit for you.


2.     Prepare

Before you go into an interview, genuinely think about why you want to attend X school and how you would add value to the school. Make sure to include what extracurriculars you plan to be involved in. Additionally, prepare to answer the following questions:

·      Tell me about yourself?

·      Tell me about a time you were a leader.

·      What makes you unique?

·      What made you choose X major?

·      Tell me about a time you overcame obstacles

·      Tell me something that I wouldn’t be able to figure out from your application


3.     Bring questions for your interviewer

One of the most important parts of the interview process is asking questions to your interviewer. Make sure to do your research. Ask questions about X school that you wouldn’t be able to find out on their website. Ask about the culture of the school, their (the interviewer’s) favorite experience, and what they were involved in. As mentioned, make sure to do your research!


4.     Take your time

Don’t feel pressured to answer questions immediately (especially if they ask you a reflection-based question). While you don’t want to spend more than 15 seconds thinking about an answer, spending time on a question (and making a mental outline) always leads to better answers.


Giovanni Zinzi