Fitting fitness into your schedule

February 3, 2018

With the beginning of a new year and new semester, plenty of people have made resolutions to start exercising and eating healthy. The only problem is, once school starts back up, students’ focus returns to studying and staying on top of schoolwork, and their resolutions get neglected. This is how the story goes for almost every student coming back for spring semester. The question is, how does one avoid this fate?

               The answer is actually simpler than you would think: make a schedule and keep yourself accountable. You see, it is easy to simply say “I’m going to work out tomorrow” and then find an excuse to not go do it. But if you sit down and schedule time to work out, time for class, and time for studying, and then actually stick to that schedule (i.e. keep yourself accountable) you are much more likely to be successful in keeping your resolution and leading a healthier life without taking a hit to your grades. This practice doesn’t just help with this specific instance, but really with anything you do in your life, whether it’s adding in a part time job or joining another student organization (you can even schedule in time to lay in bed and watch Netflix!). So remember:

·        Make a schedule with every responsibility you have

·        Find free time to exercise, and write it into your schedule

·        Stick to the schedule!

Now go hit the gym and start feeling the benefits of being healthy!


Jacob Wilson