Do college admissions officers look at social media when reviewing applicants?

July 20, 2017

Colleges and universities now look at more than your application, essay, and test scores. Some look at social media, most commonly Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

According to a Kaplan Test Prep survey, 35 percent of college admissions officers said to have looked at applicants’ social media accounts. They do so to learn more about the applicants.

53% of admissions officers who check applicants’ social media say that it has a negative impact on how they view applicants. When they see negative posts that includes a red flag, questionable language, racism, etc., they sometimes rescinded offers or think twice before accepting a student. 

25% of admissions officers who look at social media say they use social media as another factor often.


In the end, the majority of colleges do not look at social media when reviewing applicants, however, the number that does is increasing. Social media can reveal a more honest view of an applicant so don’t be surprised if more colleges will do so in the future.

College applicants need to be aware of what colleges and universities can find on them through social media. They should make sure it reflects well on them. Social media can become an additional factor in college admissions so it is important for applicants to be smart about posting on social media.


Reed Kurtenbach