Defeat SAT Science Content With This Summer Prep Plan

June 25, 2017

The new SAT is redesigned and so is the science section. Here are some tips on how to earn the best score on the science section:

1. Find the specific content that will be on the science section through using online resources such as:

 This website also says that science will be incorporated into every section (writing, reading, and math).

2. The new SAT has a big emphasis on science which is meant to push students towards analysis and reasoning. The writing and language section can require scientific reasoning whereas the reading section might have students synthesizing information in two passages to see whether they support one another. Overall, evidence-based reasoning is a big theme in the SAT.

3. Read about scientific reasoning. Through understanding how scientists think and reason, you can apply their way of reasoning to the SAT.

Read more about this topic from US News at:


Reed Kurtenbach