College App Mentoring Through TTL

September 5, 2017

As all HS seniors know, the college application process can be a rigorous and uncertain time. Students have to narrow down their top choices from thousands of schools nationwide and decide upon which major to pursue. Each college may have a different application process consisting of interviews, essays and resume submissions. Students strive to showcase their experiences as best they can, and hope for admission to fine institutions such as Harvard or Michigan.

We’re happy to provide a free solution that can drastically raise a student’s chance of getting into his/her “dream school”. Our tutors and advisors have attended top universities across the nation, from UPenn to UCLA, and can mentor applicants through the process. Benefits include the “inside scoop” on essays, interview recommendations, college selection, scholarship screening, and college lifestyle advice. This free resource can be the key to an acceptance letter and is available to any high school senior!

Make your dream a reality through Top Tier Learning! A list of schools and the signup link can be found here.


Anish Aggarwal