Benefits of Reading Books

September 1, 2017

Reading books can not only be helpful for children but adults too. We know that when children read books with their parents at a young age, they develop strong literacy skills four years later as well as perform better on intelligence tests. When practiced throughout life, these skills can support a healthy brain: increasing brain power. Reading books is better than reading newspapers and magazines because chapter books encourage deep reading and forces you to think critically and make outside connections. These connections between all four lobes and two hemispheres promote quick thinking.

Reading fiction books can increase empathy and emotional intelligence. These social tools can improve interactions which

Like blood cells help to cover a cut, your cognitive reserve helps brain cells find new mental pathways when an area gets damaged mentally. Expanding your vocabulary is a great way to increase your cognitive reserve. Reading anything, books, magazines, newspapers, online articles, etc., exposes you to new phrases, facts, and most

The last thing that can prove to be beneficial is learning something new. This can be anything from learning a new sport to learning a new language. Successfully learning another language can significantly grow the powerful network of brain connections. Multilingual people have

It’s never too late to open a book!


Reed Kurtenbach