Beginner’s guide to a high school resume

March 13, 2017

Why start building a high school resume?

Resume building helps students gain confidence and awareness of their accomplishments, which in the long run will help them with part-time jobs, internships, and ultimately, college admissions.


What is a Resume?

Resumes are not just lists of honors and activities, they paint a picture of who you are and how you spend your time outside of school. Resumes should include your educational background, test scores, extracurricular activities, honors, awards, and work experience.


Where do I start?

Beginning your freshman year, keep track of all activities, honors, and awards that you receive. Make sure to include a brief description of the activity or award. Keeping track of these things will allow you to gain a better understanding of what you need to improve on to become a well-rounded applicant. For example, if you notice that you have a plethora of activities with the swim team, but no volunteer experience, you should seek out volunteer opportunities to round out your resume.


What does a resume look like?

See the “Resume Template” document for a great example


How do I get involved?

If your school has a club fair, go to it! Explore the different clubs and volunteer groups and join the ones that interest you. Attend a couple of the meetings to see if they’re the right fit and if so, stay actively involved. After you feel confident in the organization, try to seek out a leadership position!


What about community service?

Community service is an essential part of a great resume. It shows commitment to helping the community around you, as well as those that are less fortunate. Community service offers a wide variety of activities, such as soup kitchens, working in community gardens, volunteering at local religious institutions, coaching underprivileged children’s sports teams, and so much more!


Giovanni Zinzi