A Friend, A Role Model, A Tutor

April 15, 2017

With the school year ending soon, we want you to end the year at your best! We believe every student can succeed with the proper support. At Top Tier Learning, we understand that great tutors don’t only master class material, but connect with their clients to encourage them to reach their full potential. Since our tutors “went through the same schooling in the community…[they] knew exactly how the courses are taught in the high school and tailored lesson plans to accommodate for difficult topics,” said parent Ayesha. On top of connecting with students to gain the best results, Ayesha and many more parents and clients like how our tutors “come to the home” and are “very affordable.” Her son “always felt more prepared and confident in himself academically and socially because of Top Tier Learning” and “gained a friend, a teacher, and a role model.”


Bill, a parent of a Top Tier Learning high school student, noticed how his daughter “really enjoys having an upperclassmen tutor her” and how she feels “empowered to book her sessions on her own.” Peer to peer learning pushes students to take ownership of their education. Our tutors are easily approachable, highly accessible, and always outstanding students themselves. This combination provides an outstanding friend and academic resource inside and outside the classroom for true engagement. Joey had been with two tutors before but failed to “see a change in [his] grade from them.” He “got paired with a great tutor, and saw a huge change in [his] grade, as well as [he] learned and understood so much more of the material from [his tutor].” His tutor “has been a great role model in [Joey’s] life.” Gianna echoes the benefits of Top Tier Learning when she went from a C to an A in Spanish and now has both great grades and “a role model to look up to.”


As you go back to school, reach out in your community to find the resources to help you succeed academically. However, you don’t need to pay $100 per hour or work with an unrelatable tutor to achieve your goals. We find the best of the best to offer you the most affordable, effective, and relatable tutor you’ve ever had. As Bill, Ayesha, Joey, and Gianna all attest, you might even make a lifelong friend too.


Reed Kurtenbach