General FAQ

Q: Why are your prices lower than that of tutoring centers and teachers?
A: Top Tier Learning believes that tutoring should be accessible to everyone. That is why we offer our services at an affordable price while still providing satisfactory results. We value the success of our students more than anything.

Q: Will my child be receiving enough attention when using Top Tier Learning's services? 
A: Of course! In fact, Top Tier Learning only offers private, one on one tutoring. As a result, your child will receive one full hour of undivided attention by our tutors every lesson.

Q: How qualified are your tutors?
A: We make sure that our tutors are successful and experienced in many facets of their lives. When looking at applications, we focus on GPA, test scores, extracurriculars, and professionalism.

Q: What If I don’t have enough time for a ten lesson package?
A: There are different ways to combat this problem. You can purchase single lessons if time is running short for your student to prepare for their next test. Otherwise, you can spread out a ten lesson package according to your schedule.

Q: What ages and subjects do you tutor?
A: We offer tutoring to all ages. We cover a wide array of subjects ranging from mathematics to foreign languages and everything in between. If our tutors are proficient in a subject that you are looking for, we are confident that they can successfully help your child.

Q: How do I pay for lessons?
A: Clients can pay for lessons through our new online portal. Making an account is easy and once you’re in, you can view schedules, payment options, and a variety of available tutors. Click here to sign up!

Q: Where do the tutoring sessions take place?
A: Tutoring sessions can take place in public locations such as alocal library or even a Starbucks. We also offer in-home tutoring.

Q: I’m trying to schedule a meeting for tomorrow, but the website won’t let me. What do I do?
A: Lessons can only be scheduled at least 48 hours prior to the lesson to ensure that the manager has enough time to find an available, suitable tutor for your child and/or the tutor has enough time to prepare for the lesson. Contact your local manager to see if they can schedule a tutor on short notice. If yes, then schedule and pay for your session for the next available time on the website, and your local manager can use their access to fix the date.

Q: How can I get coupons and discounts for lessons?
A: We offer various coupons, such as one for first time clients. Like our Facebook page to stay updated for new discounts as they appear throughout the year!

Q: What does a typical tutoring session look like?
A: Each tutoring session is uniquely catered to the student. Some need to go over notes and homework. Others need to be re-taught lessons in new ways. Many of our tutors have taken the same classes, sometimes even with the same teachers, so they have the materials and experience necessary to set your student on the path for success.

Q: Can I split my package between two tutors if I want different subjects?
A: Yes. Contact your branch manager for more information and to organize a system that works!

Q: What if I have multiple children that I want to enroll?
A: If you would like to enroll multiple children in TTL, we offer a 25% discount for each additional child.

Q: What are the requirements for the Better Grades Guaranteed Policy?
A: Top Tier Learning considers a 5-point increase (80-85) or a half letter grade increase (B- to B) on the overall grade of a class subject to be a grade improvement. If the student received neither of these improvements, a refund will be available if the following conditions are met:

· A student must attend tutoring at least 3 times a week for a minimum of 3 months for the same subject.
· To qualify for the guarantee, the student must be in grade 6 through 12, enrolled in an accredited public, private, parochial, or charter school in the United States.
· The student’s school/subject must report grades in a way that allows us to see their improvement.
· Our guarantee does not apply to students who start with an A in a subject, or who start with a numerical grade at or above the 90th percentile available in their school's grading system.
· You must make a good faith effort to learn the material. You must complete all major assignments and exams.
· Your grade must go up (or not go up) in a way that we can confirm, like in the form of a district-verified transcript.
· If you qualify for the refund under our guarantee, we will refund you 90% of what you spent on tutoring in the qualifying subject, up to a maximum of $600.
· There is a limit of one refund per household/family.
· Any filing of a false claim is considered fraud and will be subject to legal action.
· Refunds will be issued in the form and manner chosen by Top Tier Learning.
· This offer is void where prohibited.
· Email us no later than 3 months after the course ends for a refund.
· The student must not have any disciplinary issues in the class being tutored in.
· The student has provided grade report of a preceding/pre-requisite course.

Marathon Package FAQ

Q: What will happen to my leftover tutoring sessions after I buy the marathon package?
A: If you buy the Marathon Package with remaining lessons from your previous purchase, the remaining lessons will not be refunded.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of tutoring sessions I will be able to use in a week?
A: Starting January 1st, there will be a limit of 5 lessons per week.

Q: Will there be any change in the scheduling process?
A: The process for scheduling each session will be the same.

Q: Will there be any changes in the length of each tutoring session?
A: No, each tutoring session will still be 1 hour.

Q: Will the Marathon Package be the only package option from now on?
A: Starting January 1st, the Marathon Package will be our only available package.

Q: Is there a way to try Top Tier Learning without having to buy the Marathon Package?
A: Yes, we offer one trial session for every new customer.

Q: Will I have one specific tutor for all my scheduled lessons?
A: No, you will not be limited to one tutor and will be free to schedule lessons with any tutor in your area.