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Trevor Short

Branch Manager

From an early age I have always been inspired by helping others, whether that means coming to the rescue of a friend being bullied by two kids in a park or helping an elderly lady who couldn't get the groceries from her cart to her car. Now I have the opportunity to help my fellow students and peers with what they are struggling with academically. Not only is other people's success important to me commercially, but it makes me feel accomplished as well. I look forward to what the future holds.

Our Tutors

Jessica Carpini

My name is Jessica Delli Carpini and I am currently a junior at Desert Mountain High School. I am a part of the International Baccalaureate Program and hold numerous leadership positions. I have experience in tutoring various levels and subjects. I hope to help your child succeed academically and reach his/her full potential.

Nafis Eghrari

My name is Nafis Eghrari, I am 16 years old and I’m a junior at Desert Mountain High School. I am enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program which is a rigorous academic program offered at my school. In this program, I have not only become knowledgeable of various subjects, but I have worked together with many people in projects and I have also studied with people and tutored people. My favorite sport is basketball. I love to watch it and play it with my friends.

Dylan Angle

I am an extremely hard-working kid who loves being around people, especially when I am helping them. I enjoy school and the idea of learning. In addition to studying, I play soccer, write, and adventure around. I've lived in a great many places in my life and loved all of them, and that provides me with inspiration for doing well in school, so that one day I can see the world.

Kevin Liang

My education has always been a defining factor in my life. I am able to apply what I learned through my earlier years to succeed as I currently attend Desert Mountain High School. I followed the International Baccalaureate track starting first year with a clear vision to excel academically. Through my focus and diligence, I maintain a perfect unweighted GPA while taking the most difficult courses available to me.

Mitchell Denton

I am a 17 year old junior at Desert Mountain High School. I participate in activities such as photography, reading, and writing. I love movies and have a fascination for directors. I have lived in Arizona for about half of my life and Atlants for the other half. I have a job at a Mexican restaurant, Blue Adobe, but I hope to pursue other interests soon.

Austin Victors

I am a student athlete at Desert Mountain High School. My strongest subjects are Math and Spanish. I excel with a very strong work ethic. I am a very skilled teacher and have a knack for communicating with kids. I work hard, and strive to aid all students in their learning.

Tyler Yurek

I moved to Scottsdale in 2012, the summer before my seventh grade year. That year, I took Algebra I, and since then I've challenged myself with courses that fascinate me and help me learn as much as I can. Since beginning high school at Desert Mountain in 2014, I have learned many things--one being that I love teaching. I've continued my aggressive pace of learning for as long as I can remember, and hope to continue it indefinitely.

Riley Doan

I was born here in Scottsdale, Arizona. I'm currently a junior at Desert Mountain High School. I was in the in the Pre-IB program in 9th and 10th grade, and decided to take the AP route for the last two years of high school. I play the guitar and have been heavily involved in Boy Scouts since I was little, and much of my free time has been spent camping and volunteering through the Boy Scouts. I also have ran two seasons for the Desert Mountain Cross Country team.

Zoe Randall

My name is Zoë Randall and academics has always been my life. Ever since the day I enrolled with the Cheyenne Traditional Elementary School gifted program, I have always felt a drive to succeed. Unfortunately, enough never seems to be enough. The IB program at Desert Mountain High School prohibited me from participating in sports and leadership programs at my church. I currently take honors and AP classes, all while managing DMHS swim and dive captain, a full part time job, and a youth leader.

Daniel Scott

I am currently an IB student at Desert Mountain High School. At the school, I participated in activities such as track and soccer. These sports have built my leadership, discipline, and collaborative skills. Aside from school, I volunteer at Mayo Clinic Hospital and plan on raising money and creating a charity for ALS research this summer and fall.