Pompano Beach

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Jason Nguyen

Branch Manager

Hi, my name Jason Nguyen, and I will be a junior (11th grade) at Pompano Beach High School. Currently I am the president of two clubs, Brain Bowl and Book Club, and part of the National Honor Society, Science Honor Society, and Health Occupation Students of America. In my free time I like to volunteer around the community and read books. My teachers and peers describe me as an optimistic, enthusiastic, comedic, and passionate person, and I enjoy working with kids/students.

Our Tutors

Ashley Nemnarine

My name is Ashley Nemnarine. I'm in the 11th grade. At PBHS, I'm currently in many academic clubs such as HOSA and Brain Bowl. I love reading novels, writing in my spare time, and drawing. I also love teaching and helping others.

Angel El

My name is Angel El. I am going into the 11th grade at Pompano Beach High School this August. I am a very driven and hardworking person in school and in life. I set many short term and long term goals for myself that I work every day to achieve. One of these goals include going to a university like the University of Florida or Stanford University. I then want to attend medical school and become a pediatrician or something similart. Currently, I volunteer a lot with kids at summer camps and elementary schools. In school, I am in one club: HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America). I have been in it for 2 years and I am the current historian. Outside of school, I participate in karate.

Rachel Raybuck

I will be a junior at Pompano Beach High School in the fall. I am a member of the Photography Club, Interact Club, and First Priority at my school. I was also on the tennis team this past school year. My friends and teachers describe me as cheery, hard-working, bright, and an overall joy to be around. I enjoy reading books, particularly fiction and mystery novels, and watching TV shows in my spare time. I have an overall passion for math, but excel in all of my classes. I aspire to work in a field that requires mathematics, such as Engineering; however, I do not have a decided major yet.

Addison Nguyen

I will be entering my junior year of high school at Pompano Beach High. I can become very sociable with people if there is some type of bridge of connection. I really love seeing people happy after they finally understand a topic. As for clubs, I play baseball and partake in Car Club and will be looking into joining HOSA, Science National Honor Society, and NHS.