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New Jersey
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Katherine Dai

Branch Manager

Hello everyone! My name is Katherine Dai and I am a junior in Bergen County Academies. Throughout my academic career, I have pursued challenging and rigorous courses, while achieving High Honor Roll every trimester. Up until high school, I have had a Montessori education and this experience has given me the opportunity to discover the dynamics and best approaches, along with techniques, for peer-to-peer tutoring.

Rachel Hur

Branch Manager

Hi! My name is Rachel Hur and I am currently a sophomore at the Academy for Business and Finance at Bergen County Academies. I have learned to come up with different solutions to problems through the variety of courses offered to me at school and participated in clubs such as the school news paper. I love working with different people whether that be in school, clubs, or in any group. Looking forward to working you!

Our Tutors

Melissa Cui

Hello! My name is Melissa Cui, and I am a junior at Bergen County Academies. In school, I challenge myself with honors and higher level courses, including AP Chem, AP Music Theory, and IB Language. I’m also involved with many community-based clubs including Relay for Life. I write for the school newspaper as well. Aside from school courses and extracurricular activities, I’m an aspiring writer, illustrator, and pianist.

Cheyenne Quijano

Hey, my name is Cheyenne and I’m currently a junior at Bergen County Academies in Hackensack, New Jersey studying business and finance. My school has challenged me with a variety of rigorous classes that have taught me how to look at problems creatively and differently. Because I learned how to take various approaches by helping many people who learn differently, I plan to use these acquired skills in order to tutor students in the way they learn best.

Claire Hsu

Hi! My name is Claire and I am currently a junior in the Academy for Visual and Performing Arts at the Bergen County Academies. I am currently taking IB and AP courses at school, and I participate in a variety of clubs and activities, such as National Spanish Honor Society (board member), Relay for Life (Team Captain & planning committee member), and PAWS, a club that helps animal rescue groups (Director of Funds).

Franchesca Inay

Hi, my name is Franchesca Inay and I’m a junior at the Bergen County Academies in the Academy for Medical Science and Technology. As a medical major, I’m very interested in the sciences (particularly chemistry and biology), but I also love to write and read novels. My hobbies include debating in the debate team and Model United Nations team as well as conducting research with endometrial cancer cells. I am also involved in running the medical club and Science Olympiad chapter at my school.

Sarah Chowdhury

My name is Sarah Chowdhury and I am a junior at the Academy for Medical Science Technology at Bergen County Academies. My favorite classes are biology and chemistry, but I enjoy math as well. I am in my school’s concert choir, debate league, and Health Occupations Students of America chapter. Also, I am involved in my school’s biology research program.

Clairisse Whang

Hello! My name is Claire Whang, and I am currently a junior in the Academy of Medical Science and Technology at the Bergen County Academies. Since middle school, I have consistently taken honors courses and have been on the high honor roll throughout my high school career. At BCA, I am an executive of a virtual biomedical company, a part of the Englewood hospital surgical program, and take part in cell biology lab-research.

Avi Slavin

Hello! My name is Avi Slavin and I am an upcoming junior at Bergen County Academies. At a very early age, I developed a passion for math and science, starting at the third grade to go up a grade for those subjects. As I learned more and more about these topics, and took more advanced classes, my passion narrowed into a specific topic: biology. In the 8th grade, I took a freshman biology course that completely set the path I am still on today; the goal to become a doctor.

Helen Gao

My name is Helen Gao, and I am a junior at Bergen County Academies. Outside of school, my interests include art and music. I hope to pursue a career in medicine after high school. I am excited to be a tutor and look forward to helping other students!

Julia Fish

Hi! My name is Julia Fish and I am a rising Junior at the Bergen County Academies in the Academy for Visual Arts. I love learning and thinking creatively, and I am a member of National Art Honor Society and National Spanish Honor Society. Outside of school, I love to read and do ballet.