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Nupoor Wadekar

Branch Manager

Hello! My name is Nupoor Wadekar, a senior in your nearest competitive CA high school, taking a multitude of AP classes and currently under applications stress. Over the course of six years, my family and I moved to India, which besides being responsible for making me multilingual, taught me a series of skills and traits I use (and aim to continue using) towards the entrepreneurship opportunity TTL has given me! The most significant of them being my deep respect for learning - witnessing hundreds of young teens having to struggle for basic education gave me perspective, and spurred my passion for instilling actual knowledge in the youth of the world, not just memorizing textbooks or acing the short term test. During the weekends, I am an avid Model UNer, player of the grand piano, marathon runner, and a hoarder of Malcolm Gladwell books!

Our Tutors

Nikhil Kumar

Hi! My name is Nikhil Kumar, I am a senior in high school and I see myself as hardworking, independent and friendly! I am and have been in numerous AP classes throughout high school. In addition to being a student, I'm a Boy Scout with Troop 237, an officer of the Vista Del Lago Key Club, and a member of the Folsom community. With the time I have, I always strive to stay up to date on whatever tasks I have to do, but during my free time, you can find me around town catching whatever I can while I play Pokémon Go! But, the single most important thing you should know about me is that I'm a firm believer that any obstacle is surpassable with enough effort and determination! No matter how difficult a class may be, there are always ways to relieve some of the pressure! And hence, I believe I am ready to help do just that through Top Tier Learning!

Srikar Arani

Hi! My name is Srikar Arani. I believe that I am a very outgoing, cooperative, and hardworking person, Both at home and at school. During school I focus myself on my heavy AP workload and consider myself pretty adept at math, science and history. I see myself following computer science and engineering as a career and have plenty of experience in both. My days are also filled through school clubs as I participate in many different clubs. I belong to the school business club, Model United Nations, and programming club. Outside of school, I am also a school swimmer and have been swimming in swim teams for almost 10 years. I have also interned for Congressman Ami Bera for many months and used the opportunity as a time to work on improving my work ethic and working on time management. I am excited to help students through Top Tier!

Param Shah

Hi! My name is Param and I'm a very friendly, diligent, and fun-natured person. Apart from the loads of schoolwork and AP classes I have, I like to be very involved with the school by being one of the leaders of the various clubs on our campus. Outside of school I like volunteering, job-shadowing, and hanging out with my friends. I participated in the Ami Bera internship last year, and the Kaiser internship this year. I would like to go into either business or medicine in the future. My hobbies consist of playing various sports like soccer, volleyball, and basketball. I also love working as a soccer referee to stay with the game as much as I can, which in turn helped me in my communication skills. Besides already having past tutoring experience, I enjoy helping other kids learn and improve in various skills. I look forward to working with Top Tier!

Rohil Verma

Rohil Verma is a senior at Vista del Lago High School. Rohil is a part of a variety of activities such as Key Club, FBLA, Red Cross, NHS, CSF, and much more. He is also an Eagle Scout. His favorite academic subject is Science (and yes, that means all the sciences!). Rohil has a huge passion for cooking and has also published 2 cookbooks. He loves to dance himself and loves to teach others as well. Rohil is obsessed with Southern California and it would be a dream of his to live there in the future. In his free time, you will find him having fun with friends, listening to music, or watching movies! He is thoroughly excited in giving back not only to his fellow High Schoolers, but the entire student community as a whole through Top Tier Learning!

Shreya Acharya

Hey! My name is Shreya and I'm currently a senior at Vista Del Lago. I see myself as outgoing, diligent, and I try to find the fun in everything, whether that's AP testing or finals. I love science, math, and music! I'm always a part of our school's musical productions and am active in more contemporary music around campus and around Folsom. Being able to interact with other musicians at Vista has helped me develop communication and collaboration skills, and of course has let me make valuable friendships. I aspire to go into either medicine or music in the future, so I try to take all of the opportunities available to me to explore these two very different fields. In my spare time, I like to pick up a book, binge-watch House M.D. and Game of Thrones, or record covers for YouTube. I look forward to helping other students through Top Tier Learning!

Gehena Girish

Hi! My name is Gehena. I consider myself to be a very outgoing, friendly, and hardworking person, both in and out of school. My school life consists of AP classes, with my favorite classes being in the sciences and history. I want to pursue political science and medicine as a career. I am also very active in school clubs, being involved in Model UN, HOSA, and starting my school’s first Red Cross chapter. Outside of school, I am a Taekwondo student and instructor, which is my passion for twelve years and counting. Thanks to Taekwondo, I have learned life skills like time management, leadership, and collaboration, all of which help me as a tutor and in life. I am also a budding pianist, and in my spare time, you’ll find me catching up on TV shows or napping. I am excited to help my community and its students through Top Tier!

Charvi Nagpal

Hi! My name is Charvi. In school my favorite subjects are math and history, and in the future, I aspire to have a career in the business field. I'm a leader in both the Musicians club and Photographic Arts club, and an active member in several others. Though a lot of my time is spent on the APs I take, I always leave some space on my schedule for my favorite hobbies: piano and photography. I enjoy nature photography and love to be outside with a camera in my hand. I've been playing the piano for eleven years running. I teach piano and play as a music therapist for folks who are ill. Learning to carefully juggle my time between my hobbies and school has made me excellent at time management. I'm also very capable at working with others and guiding them as I've learned through my previous teaching and leading experiences. Through Top Tier, I'm eager to help the students in our community!

Mahum Kudia

Hi my name is Mahum, and I consider myself as being a kind, hardworking, funny, honest, and passionate person. I love learning new things and have taken an abundant amount of AP classes. I have strong interests in medicine, the sciences, as well as in government and law. My other interests include sports. I've played basketball for a couple years, and I've been running track for 5 years. In school, I've been in a lot of clubs, including NAMI, Model UN, Red Cross, CSF, National Honor Society, Key Club, and MSA. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, watching superhero movies, and spending time with my friends and family. I'm really excited to work with students and help them reach their full potential through Top Tier.

Meghna Islam

Hello! My name is Meghna and I am a senior in high school. I am a hardworking student who believes in constantly challenging herself. From AP Calculus to AP English Language and many more, I have learned effective study habits and a valuable work ethic. I am also dedicated to my role as Vice President of Model UN, where I have become skilled in guiding fellow club members and overseeing daily procedures. In addition, I am a dedicated Girl Scout who often helps to plan and lead a lot of events for younger girls. Through these two organizations as well as being involved in Key Club, CSF, and NHS, I have become proficient in communication, organization, and management. I have also previously tutored in my school’s peer tutoring program and through CSF. I believe all of these qualities will translate well into my position here at Top Tier Learning!

Michelle Wang

Hi, my name is Michelle Wang. I am a high school senior who has been establishing my qualifications for quite a while. In particular, I enjoy math, science, and English classes and have consistently done well in them. My unweighted GPA is 4.0, and I am on track to becoming valedictorian of my grade. I am also active in clubs like Key Club, CSF, and World Cultures, all of which have helped me to learn leadership and responsibility. I have also participated in an academic competition for high schoolers called the Forestry Challenge for two years now, and placed first most recently. All of my experiences have led me to develop skills in teamwork, communication, and confidence. Beyond just academics, I love hanging out with friends and relaxing at home. I look forward to being your tutor!