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Heather Huynh

Branch Manager

My name is Heather Huynh, and I am a senior at Neuqua Valley High School. In addition to a taking a challenging courseload each year, I enjoy playing violin in Neuqua Valley Orchestras and promoting the Spanish language as President of the Neuqua chapter of Spanish Honors Society. I hope through Top Tier Learning I can help prepare myself to pursue education as a career, as well as help your student succeed, in the way that my many teachers have helped me.

Our Tutors

Rohan Meda

Hi! My name is Rohan and I am a senior at Neuqua Valley. I understand the importance of determination in academics. I have taken the highest levels of math, science, and english courses offered and am on the honor roll. My life goal is to help people by becoming a doctor. I am the president of my school’s medical club, am a teaching assistant at Dr. Rubin’s Mini Med School for High School Students, volunteer at a hospital regularly, and my friends even call me Dr. Meda!

Michelle Liu

Hi! My name is Michelle Liu, and I’m a senior at Neuqua Valley High School. Since freshman year, I have taken a variety of Honors and AP classes and have qualified for the Honor Roll each semester. Besides being academically involved, I also participate in BPA, YAG, Literary Magazine, and Interact. Outside of school, I enjoy volunteering at my church and dance studio, hanging out with friends, and finding new foods to try. I look forward to tutoring and am excited to help!

Nate Anderson

Hi! My name is Nate Anderson, and I'm a member of the class of 2018 at NVHS. At Neuqua, I've been a member of the marching wildcats for all 4 years, and am a member of Wind Ensemble. I am a prospective Secondary and Math Teacher, and hope to one day be like the many influential teachers I have had in my educational career. With loads of experiencing prepping for standardized tests, AP exams, and working through honors courses, I know what it takes to succeed as a student.

Kousalya Velagapudi

Hi! I'm Kousalya Velagapudi and I am a senior at Neuqua Valley. As a student at this competitive school, I partake in many rigorous AP and Honors level courses, particularly in Math, Science, and Spanish. Tutoring is a passion of mine; I believe that helping others learn gives you the opportunity to better understand your capacity. Outside traditional academia, I have been dancing for 8 years and I regularly volunteer as a camp counselor, alongside my aspiration of a career in the medical field.

Francheska Marzuki

Hi, my name is Francheska Marzuki and I'm a senior at Neuqua Valley High School. I have been taking honors and AP English classes since freshman year and, additionally, I've taken creative writing and poetry which helps me have a higher understanding of rhetoric and prose. I'm on the senior advisory board for my school's literary magazine and am the vice president of the art club. This tutoring job is my first step in what will, hopefully, be in a long career in teaching English to young minds.

Julia Paschal

Hello! My name is Julia Paschal and I am a senior at Neuqua Valley. I am looking into the field of education, and I love teaching people of all ages. I have worked with elementary students with a program called Future Educators, mentored middle schoolers through music, and worked with high school students in a variety of ways. I am one of Neuqua Valley's drum majors and a captain for the speech team. I have also taken an assortment of advanced classes focusing in Math, English, and Spanish.

Michael He

Hi, my name is Michael He, and I am a rising senior at Neuqua Valley High School. I favor subjects that lie in the mathematics and science departments, but still challenge myself by taking advanced and rigorous courses in all subjects. I love the sense of interaction with other students, and I strive to not only teach in an effective and efficient manner, but also to offer multiple perspectives to students on how to approach different types of problems.

Kevin Li

Hello! My name is Kevin Li, and I am currently a senior at Neuqua. Throughout my years here, I've consistently taken and done well in many AP and Honors courses, along with participating in and helping lead many extracurriculars including Math Team, Science Olympiad, Robotics, Philosophy Club, and French Honor Society. Outside the classroom, I enjoy playing games, programming, and practicing cardistry.

Christina Ginocchio

Hi! My name's Christina Ginocchio, and I'm a senior at Neuqua Valley High School. Over the past couple of years, I’ve taken a variety of honors and AP classes, in which math and science in particular have sparked my interest. I’m also involved in our school’s top choir and highest Spanish course. Outside of school, I participate in three choirs, lead our art club and book club, and assisted in teaching kids physics, which was where I first learned that I love to help fellow students learn!

Avni Davé

Hello! My name is Avni Davé and I will be a senior at Neuqua Valley this upcoming 2017-18 school year. I have taken a variety of AP and honors classes while qualifying for the honor roll each year. The demanding nature of these courses has instilled within me a strong work ethic and high level of dedication. I love collaborating and working with others, so I am very confident in my ability to teach others as well! I am capable of tutoring in different areas including English, Math, and Spanish.

Akarsh Vankayalapati

Hello! My name is Akarsh Vankayalapati and I am currently a senior at Neuqua Valley High School. I have taken a variety of Honors and AP classes, including the highest levels of Math, Science, and English offered. Moreover, I am a member of the Varsity Scholastic Bowl, BPA, Model UN, and Spanish Honors Society. I have also been a tutor at Kumon so I am aware of how important tutoring can be for anyone. I personally believe that with enough hard work and determination any goal is achievable.

Kevin Hong

Greetings! My name is Kevin Hong, and I am currently a senior at Neuqua Valley High School. In school, I consistently perform well in high-level courses, and I am also involved in Neuqua's Philosophy Club, Robotics Team, and Math Team. I love computer science, and my current plans are to continue studying it in college. Outside of school, I enjoy unicycling, juggling, and practicing calligraphy.

Teerana Thabthimthong

Hello! My name is Teerana Thabthimthong, and I am a senior at Neuqua Valley High School. I have always challenged myself by taking honors and AP classes which have transformed me into a well rounded individual. I am also a preschool teacher and a member of Spanish Honors Society. I love to work with children and watch them grow as they learn new things. I am a curious and passionate learner, and I am super excited to have the chance to help others blossom into strong students as well!

Darren Huang

Hello! My name is Darren Huang and I am a senior at Neuqua Valley. During my time in high school, I have been involved in the capstone orchestra group, symphony orchestra ensemble, track and field, and soccer team. Additionally, I have helped coach athletes during track camp in the summer. I have experience with academic rigor due to my heavy investment into the straight Honors/AP route. I'm also a national merit semi-finalist and have been an Honors All-State Musician for two years.

Akansha Gupta

Hi, my name is Akansha Gupta, and I’m a senior at Neuqua Valley High School. Along with being the President of Student Council, I am also involved in activities such as UNICEF, Spanish Honors Society, and Interact among many others. Academically, I have taken Honors and AP courses since freshman year and have consistently received High Honor Roll each semester. I’ve also tutored for about a year now, in nearly every subject, and I’m excited to help more kids learn this upcoming year.

Aaron Aftab

Hi, my name is Aaron Aftab and I'm currently a senior at Neuqua Valley High School. I've consistently succeeded academically during my time here, maintaining a 4.57 GPA and scoring a perfect 36 on the ACT. I'm also active in extracurricular activities, competing on varsity Science Olympiad and qualifying for BPA Nationals twice. In my free time, I enjoy swimming, watching and playing basketball, and hanging out with my friends.

Ryan Lee

My name is Ryan Lee. I'm a senior at Neuqua Valley High School. I am currently the co-president of the NVHS Chinese Honors Society, Drum Major of the Neuqua Valley Marching Wildcats, and an aspiring saxophone player and teacher. At Neuqua, I have consistently taken Advanced Placement courses, such as AP English Language and Composition and AP Calculus AB. Despite the rigorous classes I have taken, I enjoy teaching younger children in any subject.

Varsha Anand

Hello! My name is Varsha Anand and I'm a senior at Neuqua Valley High School. I'm a co-president of the Chinese Honor Society and a captain of the Neuqua Speech Team. I've taught young children to draw and have coached Taekwondo to students of all ages. Through all of these experiences, I’ve grown to love teaching others. I take mostly Honors and AP classes because I believe it’s crucial for students to challenge themselves. I look forward to helping students academically succeed!

Mary Yang

Hello! My name is Mary Yang. I am a senior at Neuqua Valley High School. I have been taking Honors and AP courses throughout my high school career. I will be tutoring Math and French, which I have received high A’s in. I aspire to be an individual who someone can depend on, whether it is for schoolwork or for something personal. I was also recognized as a part of the National Society of High School Scholars. Outside of school, I love to dance, draw, and swim ever since I was little.

Atreyee Datta

Hello, I am Atreyee and I am currently a senior at Neuqua Valley High School. I have a passion for math, science, and the Spanish language and have hopes of studying computer science in the future. At Neuqua, I'm part of Spanish Honors Society and have taken numerous AP and Honors classes. I love helping others out. I typically have a knack for explaining concepts that are hard to grasp, and I would absolutely love to work with other students no matter how difficult a concept is.