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Chloe Tempest

Chloe Tempest is a senior at Chatham High School. She is constantly striving to find her inner “Type B Personality”, and uses her time in three varsity sport seasons as a stress reliever. In an exercise of self humiliation, Chloe has successfully completed a multitude of Chatham High’s AP Course offerings. Her team placed third overall in the Tech Club’s 2016 Bridge Competition (held at Union CC).

Matthew Raiola

Matthew Raiola is a senior at Chatham High school. Throughout his academic career he has seen repeated success, including a perfect score of 36 on his first ACT attempt and perfect scores of 5 on each of the 6 AP tests he has taken. He is a four year member of the Chatham High School soccer team and is involved in numerous clubs.

Jessica Pompeo

Jessica Pompeo is very interested in math and science classes at the high school. She also is interested in computer science and robotics. In her free time she babysits, lifeguards, and enjoys painting. For extracurriculars she is involved in clubs and varsity sports. She is a varsity field hockey player and a varsity fencing captain.

Matt Piechnik

Matt is currently a high school senior attending Chatham High School who has a deep interest in medicine and health sciences. His academic interests include math, science, as well as German language. His advanced proficiency in his classes, love of knowledge, and desire to share knowledge with others makes him a great teacher, tutor, and mentor.

Conor Paschenko

Conor Paschenko is an upcoming senior at Chatham High School. He is interested to major in a form of engineering, possibly Chemical or Computer, in college as he excels at the math and sciences. He also has experience with other courses including History, Spanish, and English as well as having experience with both the old SAT and ACT. Outside of school he enjoys biking, hiking, running, and even scuba diving from time to time trying to stay active.

Hallie Pellegrin

Hallie is a senior at Chatham High School. She enjoys classes in the liberal arts, especially English and History. She also enjoys serving the community whether it be through Habitat for Humanity trips or simply volunteering through her school’s Key Club. She is the captain of the softball team and is involved in many other extracurricular activities such as Model UN and Confirmation Team at her local church.

Vincent Maddi

Vincent is a senior at Chatham High School who lives by the words “Carpe Diem!” Outside of his rigorous academic work, Vincent maintains a busy extracurricular schedule. He is a co-captain on the Fencing Team for the Epee squadron, and works in the Marching Band as leader of the Trombone section. Vincent is a vice president of the CHS Philosophy Club and in his free time loves to read as well as to write fiction and poetry.

Zoe Kraus

Zoe is a Senior a Chatham High School. She enjoys classes in math and science. Zoe is also a three sport athlete, tennis, winter track and lacrosse. She is captain of the lacrosse team. When not in school or on the field, she enjoys giving back to the community through Girl Scouts and Key Club. Just last year she combined her love of sports and her love of community service to create a topic for her Girl Scout Gold Award: ACL prevention in female athletes.

Margaret Harrigan

Margaret Harrigan is a senior at Chatham High School. She excels in math and history along with French. She is gearing towards a career in STEM, having taken many technology related classes in school. In addition to a heavy course load, she is part of the cross country, track, and swim teams at the high school. Outside of school, she is a club swimmer and Girl Scout and enjoys spending time with friends.

Katherine Evans

Kate Evans is a current senior at Chatham High School. She excels at writing, history, and critical thinking. Kate is particularly interested in the political and social topics covered in her history courses. Outside of the classroom, Kate enjoys singing, dancing, and acting in various groups and productions. She also participates in Model United Nations/Congress, and she serves as the co-chair of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey’s Youth Council.

Caroline Duemling

Caroline Duemling is a smart and hard­working student. She excels in science and math, and understands the humanities as well. She is very interested in many of the sciences, especially chemistry and physics. She has taken many high level courses at Chatham High School and has retained all that she has learned. She also has experienced the difficulties many students’ face, allowing her to understand where a student’s confusion may lie.

Eric Davis

Eric Davis is a rising Senior at Chatham High School. He is a dedicated, hardworking student who devotes most of his time to his schoolwork or helping out others. He runs his own publishing website known as “The Link”, volunteers as a “Big” for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern New Jersey, and a retreat leader for St. Patrick’s Parish Youth Ministry. In school, Eric succeeds in anything he puts his mind to, but has a passion for the natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering.

Stephanie Crater

Stephanie is a senior at Chatham High School. She is a member of the Chatham High School varsity swim team and the Summit YMCA Seals swim team. Stephanie excels at math and science and plans to study biomedical engineering in college.

Erik Britt

Erik is a hardworking, learning-oriented student who wants to bring out the best in kids looking for tutoring. He excels at teaching kids subjects in a way so that they can easily grasp the information, due to his ability to communicate well with the student and make sure that they are having fun so that they retain the knowledge being taught.