Executive Team

Financial Analyst: Working under our CFO Benji Varghese, as a Financial Analyst you will primarily be running our accounts and balance sheets by contacting our various branches. Also, you will be working alongside other verticals to make sure that each has the capital to execute tasks.

Development Strategist: Working under our CDO Jacob Wilson, our Development Strategists will work on creating new initiatives for each vertical. Furthermore, you will  be tasked with working on outreach to potential hires, business competition coordination, and team building activities.

Marketing Planner: Working under our CMO Reed Kurtenbach, Marketing Planners typically execute content creation for our various media outlets. Also, you will be tasked with carrying out many emailing campaigns to our clients and leads.

Operations Organizer: Working under our COO Michelle Chahda, one will find him/herself working heavily with the Peer Mentors and Team Leaders across our branches as an Operations Organizer. This would mean lots of close contact with the bulk of our workforce, making sure they have the tools necessary to carry out our image in the best way possible.

Technical Consultant: Working under our CTO Christian Carroll, our Technical Consultants work on the day-to-day technical needs of the company. This includes website fixes, portal development and testing, and working with other team members for technological needs in task completion.